Quoting and Part Check-In

Our plating process is nicely laid out in our video on our website. Please take a couple of minutes to check it out. As for everything else, here is a brief description of the quoting and arrival process. Typically, we will be contacted by phone, email, or contact us form. This is where we will give out ballpark estimates. These phone estimates are not exact but are based on our previous experiences with similar parts. When sending us a picture through email, it is wise to put a ruler or something we can use for size comparison, in close proximity. Over the phone, all we should need is year, make, model, and part needed plating. We use this information to search the internet for a picture of the car or part, so we may assist you better. If you like the formal estimate, you can send us your parts through any carrier you wish.

When the package arrives, we will open the box, removing all of the contents, including packing material, to make sure every part is found and accounted for. This is when we lay every piece out and take detailed pictures of every part. With all pictures and information in hand, we create a formal estimate. Based on our new knowledge of the parts, this estimate could be slightly different than the ballpark quote. This is when we will call you and explain any changes in the estimate (hopefully there is none). You can either give us your approval, deny us, or choose to do only some of the parts. It is all up to you.

After we have been given approval of the job, we will take the formal estimate, pictures and all other information that pertains to the job, and create a job packet for that group of parts. Those parts will, then, start through the plating process, as described on the website or demonstrated in the video. After you approve the job, you will not hear from us until the parts are finished to our highest quality standards and ready to be sent to you, the customer. When the job is complete, we take the original picture and cross off every part as they enter the shipping container. We will get the shipping information from your preferred shipper, and finish up the package. At this point, we will call you and ask how you would like to pay. When the check clears or cash shows up, the parts are shipped back to you for your inspection.