Buffing & Polishing Service

Polishing is the process of removing/blending surface metal,using a series of abrasive wheels/disks matched with a series of compounds. Our process starts with the highest grit sandpaper our metal finishers decide can be used to relieve the part of any imperfections. Some parts only take a 400 grit sandpaper, and others could take an 80 grit sandpaper to take out all of the imperfections. It all depends on the core, and it's original quality. Then, with whatever grit we started with, we work our way back up the scale. The trick is to not skip steps or grits throughout this process, so we don't show residual grind lines or sanding lines. Once we have achieved a 400 grit or higher, we move to the polishing wheels. Polishing wheels range from a sisal wheel, which is the most abrasive, to a chrome buff wheel, least abrasive. Same as the sanding disks and belts, we work our way up the scale, paying more attention to detail.