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Detail Painting Process

Do you remember the first time you sent a part to a chrome plater?  Or maybe this is your first time?  Expectations are high, and you cant wait until your parts show up at the house, ready for install. You open up the box and can't believe your eyes.  WOW!!!!!   Your parts are shiny and like a mirror.  Then as you start to pull out more and more parts, you start to notice that the parts with detail paint are not painted.  At first, the frustration sets in, and you go to check you estimate and invoice.  This is when you first realized that a chrome plater is just a chrome plater.  They prep and make your parts shiny. What do you do now?  How do you paint a chrome part?  Do I sand it, do I just paint it?  Most chrome platers don't even prep the painted area to cut the costs for the customers.  This leaves many and large imperfections in the painted areas. 

Sail panel as it was recieved from customer.

This reaction is why we have started offering to paint and apply full service restorations.  Painting includes the prep., labor, and materials needed to give your parts all their fine details back.  The process starts off with finely sanding the chrome down to the original base metal.  Then we either use a filling agent or finish sanding all of the imperfections from the surface of the part.  The part is then sprayed with a bond enhancer, along with primer, base coat and clear coat (for external pieces).   When you get your parts back from this process, you should be able to fulfill your dream of that first time.  No sanding, no prep, no tapping.  Just pull the parts from the box and put them straight onto the car.  We will always go above the call of duty to achieve the highest quality the core will allow.    This is our word.

Sail panel just after base coat.  Good time to check for blemishes.  Then to put the red and clear!